How clients use our training CDs

How clients use our audio CDs. If you’re browsing this site and considering whether to buy any of the audio CDs here on telephone selling, customer service, telephone team management or self-development, we guess you may be interested in knowing how other people use the products they buy from us.

Training in-house

How about using products to make your own in-house training even better?

In-house training

You already have your own in-house trainers. Alternatively the line managers of the team such as the Telesales manager, or Telemarketing team leader, or Customer Service supervisor may be tasked with providing training for the telephone based team. The obvious advantages to this are that it (theoretically) doesn’t cost anything, and secondly these company employees know the company, the range of products and services the company offers and the people they’re training. The flip side of this though is that a team manager may not be a great trainer. Secondly they don’t have quite the ownership of the material that an outside trainer has. Finally the external trainer should be an expert who can bring industry wide experience to the training programme. An independent person is also not weighed down with company politics too of course.

But how do you keep up with industry best practice? Many companies are on the look out for cheap to acquire training ideas that will keep their internal trainers fresh and equally importantly their material fresh.

And as customers frequently remind us the benefit of audio CDs is that you can stop, replay and revisit the ideas as frequently as you want. You can’t do that attending a seminar. Which makes a CD at £34.99 + VAT an economical source of ideas.

We sell a large number of our CD packages to companies and organisations who want to develop training programmes in-house.

Get your team to run training

A great way of getting the existing team involved in the process of training is to get team members to deliver small module based workshops in a meeting room to groups of less experienced or new members of the team. I’ve heard it said that ‘the best way to learn is to teach’ and it certainly helps build the skills of the team you have. It also makes them feel more valued, and it gives them more job enrichment. Having said all of that presenting is not for everyone, and if a member of your team really doesn’t want to do it – best not force them. They can always help in material research. A couple of our clients have done this recently. It also saves money on trainers too of course.

You’re in charge of managing or motivating a team

We have had a couple of examples recently where a sales manager or company owner has bought 10 CDs and they then listen to them while driving round the country. The sales manager tells us he then picks topics from the CDs which he then briefs his team on during their 2 weekly sales meetings. A great idea.

The company owner told us that she uses them to increase her knowledge on how and what her telesales team should be doing.

However you want to use them, have a look at the products on offer at www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk. Payment is easy online using a credit card or direct from your PayPal account.

Associated Learning Systems offers a range of audio training CDs on subjects including telephone sales, telemarketing, telephone techniques, verbal communication skills, customer service, telephone team management and self-development.

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Free business seminars from your local Business Link

Free business seminars from your local Business Link. Still – it seems. We’re aware there are many cuts in government spending, but there are still business development opportunities and new ideas to be had for free – paid for by the government.

Certainly here in the Midlands Business Link is continuing to offer the excellent range of Transformational ICT seminars. OK, not the most catchy of titles (what do you expect from marketing in the public sector?!) But the seminars on a whole range of website building, e-mail marketing and other social networking are well worth attending.

You learn about some really interesting stuff, from some good, knowledgeable speakers and of course, you meet other business people facing the same challenges as you.

All in all thoroughly recommended.

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Some funded and free training is now available through Train to Gain

Some funded and free training is now available through Train to Gain. Our friends over at To Market who specialise in training and development work with customer service, telesales and telemarketing tell us they’ve got hold of some training funding for you. 

Partially funded customer service training - through Train to Gain

Partially funded customer service training - through Train to Gain

At the moment they are looking to offer both free and partially funded training to organisations In Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, Coventry and Birmingham as well as wider parts of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire plus East Midlands, West Midlands and East of England. If  this is of interest to you, follow this link to http://www.tomarket.co.uk/blog/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=51. This gives details of the East Midlands training, the West Midlands and East of England will go live we are told over the next 2 days.

But this really is a chance not to be missed so have a look at the details and sign up ! Maybe you’ll even get to hear some of the material on the audio CDs you will find on this site.

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Some funded marketing training from the Ideal Marketing Company

Here’s something you don’t see every day : some funded marketing training from the Ideal Marketing Company of Market Harborough.

Our friends over at the Ideal Marketing Company are running a programme titled the Marketing Mentor which is aimed at owners and directors of organisations of small to medium sized organisations in the Leicester, Northampton, Market Harborough area. And the great thing is that on account of the government putting grants and funding money into training at the moment they have secured funding which means that you could end up with the training programme fully funded through Train to Gain.

Free marketing training – there won’t be a better offer than that this year will there ?! Whilst you’re welcome to register interest through us here info@associatedlearningsystems.co.uk , you can alternatively contact the Ideal Marketing Company back directly by following this link http://themarketingmentor.co.uk/?page_id=2 but do remember to tell them you saw details here at Associated Learning Systems – it may just get us a coffee !

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