Low cost training ideas

Low cost training ideas. This is something Associated Learning Systems specialises in – aimed at telephone based teams : customer service, telemarketing, telesales plus managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Investing to increase business value

Just a handful of these will buy you many of our training CDs!

We believe the UK economy is showing signs of growth at the moment, but nevertheless many companies are keeping a strict eye on budgets. Training is all too often one of the areas that gets squeezed.

Nevertheless the need is clearly there to make sure your team is the best it can be at sniffing out business opportunities and at building better relationships with more people over the phone more often.

Buying some low cost – high value audio CDs which gives you the training material in digital format is a great way of investing in training, and buying some ideas of best practice for a limited outlay. You can view all our products covering

  • Communication skills
  • Telesales skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Telephone team management
  • Self-development

by clicking here

The products are just £34.99 + VAT including delivery. Just one idea that works for 1 of your team will repay your investment almost certainly. There are product bundles available too – saving you even more money.

In-house training 

You may have your own training resources in-house, your own trainers and material. Many companies and organisations buy our audio CDs to add to their own material – which they then use to base training sessions around. Sounds fair enough to us.

Whatever your reason, certainly investing in your front line personnel is of major importance as most companies have to compete more actively for a smaller customer pot.

Associated Learning Systems provides a range of audio CDs and tips booklets developed for people and companies involved in communication with customers on the phone in the fields of telesales, telemarketing, customer service and telephone team management.  We help you BE BETTER AT WHAT YOU DO!

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Sales and customer service training on a budget

Sales and customer service training on a budget. Many companies are facing challenges at the moment as economic conditions across the world worsen.

There is still the need to develop your staff and teams of course. But there is little money available to pay for it. Sound familiar?

Lack of budget

Is this your training budget?

Many companies are in this situation and therefore many managers and company owners want to motivate their teams and help them develop new skills in both customer service and sales, but on limited or non-existent budgets. Many companies are forced to do some form of training, but using in-house staff and materials. However if the training is to be effective it is important to gather new ideas from other sources. Gleaned from the experts. The type of people who’ve been there, bought the t-shirt etc.

We can help, honestly. We provide a range of easily affordable audio CDs packed with top tips, years of experience and plain old good common sense. Our CDs and tips booklets are based around a number of key growth areas ;

  • Customer Service
  • Telephone sales
  • Self-development

With prices starting from £34.99 for one audio CD, and packages of 3 for less than £70, you wouldn’t need many good ideas to make it self-financing would you?

All our products are supplied with a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. If you’re in the UK, simply return the  product for a refund of your purchase price. http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/products.asp is the link that will take you straight to our products page. You can buy all our products online, with payment by credit card or directly through PayPal.

Associated Learning Systems is a UK, Midlands based company specialising in products for the development of customer service, telesales and telemarketing skills.

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Free business seminars from your local Business Link

Free business seminars from your local Business Link. Still – it seems. We’re aware there are many cuts in government spending, but there are still business development opportunities and new ideas to be had for free – paid for by the government.

Certainly here in the Midlands Business Link is continuing to offer the excellent range of Transformational ICT seminars. OK, not the most catchy of titles (what do you expect from marketing in the public sector?!) But the seminars on a whole range of website building, e-mail marketing and other social networking are well worth attending.

You learn about some really interesting stuff, from some good, knowledgeable speakers and of course, you meet other business people facing the same challenges as you.

All in all thoroughly recommended.

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Great book with tips and advice for marketing your small business

We’ve recently read the Marketing Launchpad book. It is clearly aimed at small business. And we recommend it. 

The Marketing launchpad - easy to read book for small business

The Marketing launchpad - easy to read book for small business

It is based around 6 key principles including how to build your brand, low cost advertising, and the secrets of effective direct mail. It inevitably touches on the benefits of search engine optimisation and how niche marketing is far more lucrative to you than trying to be all things to all people. It is available through Amazon at a discounted price, follow this link 

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Marketing-Launchpad-Areas-Business-Heights/dp/1906852057/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276605243&sr=8-1 for more details.

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Now is the time for you to set up your own business

Now is the time for you to set up your own business. It really is. With the economy showing signs of slow recovery, and the job market changing beyond all recognition, now is the time to take the plunge – if you’ve always harboured the desire to work for yourself and generate your own income.

It doesn’t even need to cost you anything to get started. The rise of the internet makes this possible. In fact you can cast your net (to use a fishing analogy) and see what bites. You can even do this while working in a job if necessary. You might have an outside hobby or interest that you’re wondering if you could make any money out of.

Our top tip is create yourself a business profile on a site such as HotFrog. It is completely free and you can add searchwords and build your own business listing.  Follow the link http://www.hotfroguk.co.uk/ So if you’d like to try your hand at jam making, or buying and selling cameras or floristry or palmistry, you can do all this for free. Then of course if you start to get some responses it will tell you whether you have a viable business idea.

Never has the opportunity for starting out on your own been so good. Most markets are likely to get more buoyant so if you can build an effective small scale business model that works now, your prospects should grow over time.

Everyone has skills, things they’re good at. Now is the opportunity to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and give it a go. Best of luck !

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Going for growth in these challenging times – some wise words

We should still be focused on how we can be going for growth in these challenging times – with help from these wise words.

I came across a quote from Theodore Roosevelt the other day, and while he may have said it in the last century, it still holds true today.

“In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

This is a salutory lesson for all of us in these challenging times. To beat the recession, we may have to radically alter our business model, and the time honoured phrase “but that’s the way, we’ve always done it” no longer holds much credibility.

Be prepared to think outside the existing model. Talk to others, get opinions, listen to advice, get networking, have a coffee with like minded people. Whatever it is, get out there and do something. As Teddy R said doing nothing is the worst option, doing something and it being the wrong thing is still preferable. It provides learning and the chance to explore other ideas.

Tap into the intellect and creativity of others, and spend at least once a week with a blank sheet of paper and pen in the quiet working on ideas. It can be motivating and may give future focus for your business.

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Stimulate your brain – where to find ideas for business growth

There are many ways you can gather great business growth ideas at the moment. And many of the best ones are free !

You are surrounded all day, every day by people willing to share their wisdom with you. So have a coffee with someone who has a business idea or a product or service that you could learn something from.

There are an increasing number of free seminars being run at the moment. Apart from a little time, what do you have to lose ? 

And networking meetings – a great device for meeting new people – some of whom will know of people who could benefit from your services. You may be thinking that you can’t devote regular time to a networking group, or you can’t afford it at the moment. However most groups are always interested in attracting new members so it is always easy to attend as a guest. You can even stand in for regular members often. This will merely cost you your breakfast.

So get out there and circulate and you’ll be amazed how many new ideas you can pick up easily.

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Some funded marketing training from the Ideal Marketing Company

Here’s something you don’t see every day : some funded marketing training from the Ideal Marketing Company of Market Harborough.

Our friends over at the Ideal Marketing Company are running a programme titled the Marketing Mentor which is aimed at owners and directors of organisations of small to medium sized organisations in the Leicester, Northampton, Market Harborough area. And the great thing is that on account of the government putting grants and funding money into training at the moment they have secured funding which means that you could end up with the training programme fully funded through Train to Gain.

Free marketing training – there won’t be a better offer than that this year will there ?! Whilst you’re welcome to register interest through us here info@associatedlearningsystems.co.uk , you can alternatively contact the Ideal Marketing Company back directly by following this link http://themarketingmentor.co.uk/?page_id=2 but do remember to tell them you saw details here at Associated Learning Systems – it may just get us a coffee !

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