Customer Service training materials – on audio CD

Customer Service training materials are available on this site from Associated Learning Systems – on audio CD.

Training material on audio CD is great as it offers complete flexiblity. You can listen to it in the car while travelling, at the gym on your ipod or mp3 player, and anywhere you currently listen to music.

You can of course also listen to it as many (or as few times) as you wish ! It is yours. We currently have a range of customer service excellence CDs which focus on the sort of customer service standards that your customers expect and deserve. Customers are the life blood of any organisation and the requirements are constantly changing as everyone attempts to raise the bar.

Customer Service training - buy 2 get one free

Customer Service training - buy 2 get one free

There are 3 seperate CDs covering 10 aspects of exceptional customer service. The first covers a wealth key issues including ;

  1. You can find out more about this training programme on audio CD here
CD contents
1 : Why good customer service is important
2 : Getting your mind right
3 : Attention to detail
4 : Be action orientated
5 : Round-up
We have 2 further customer service training products at ;
You can listen to short samples of these products. The most popular order for these customer service training products is to buy all 3 – so we’ve added these together as a bundle, and now you get the third CD free. Follow this link to see the bundle offer

We’ve also now added our classroom training module material on audio CD too. That is available at

Each of these products is just £34.99 + VAT, so 1 good idea – just one would repay your investment easily.

We ship these training programmes around the world. We have a currency coverter about to be added to the website so that our American customers can easily work out the price in dollars today – in real time.

Customer Service really is the most important part of your business. Without customers there is no business !

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