Developing in-house training material – customer service and telesales

Developing in-house training material for customer service and telesales is important for you and your company if you still have restricted training budgets at the moment. The temptation is to cut costs and look for increasing ways of being self-sufficient.

You recognise that training is important – perhaps MORE important than it’s ever been, but you’ve not got money to throw at it. Perhaps you’re reading this looking for some new ideas and new material.

You will therefore be using a number of different training devices to keep the team ahead of the competition, and motivated. One to one coaching is an important part of this.�
Training has become more important this year - and will remain so into 2010
Training has become more important this year – and will remain so into 2010

Also classroom training is a valuable part of the mix. You will have some training material in-house but it can be difficult constantly finding new and relevant material.

That’s why increasing numbers of people are turning to DVD and audio CDs for additional material.
Our audio CDs cover a range of topics for the development of individuals and teams : customer service, telesales, telemarketing,PR marketing and self-development. They’re all here.
You can see the full list of categories plus the latest best sellers and pack offers at   http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/
Trainers and team managers often use these CDs to either give them more material to listen to, adapt and present themselves. Alternatively you can buy them to use as learning sessions by playing sections of the CDs to the team and asking them to complete exercises about the material – specific to your industry and organisation.
For new ideas and top tips on customer service, telemarketing and telesales Associated Learning Systems is the palce to be. Buying is easy online with credit card or your PayPal account. Prices for each CD start at just £34.99 – so just one good idea will repay your investment many times over.
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Natural Born Sellers – what do you think ?

Not the most entertaining programme ever made. John Caudwell must wonder what he let himself in for ! And to be successful at selling doesn’t have to be this way !!


Danny pictured above who is a car salesman seems the most likely to win if the outcome is based on natural sales ability.  Gavin is consistent – consistently useless that is ! He’s still in the running but only because the others realise he is no threat. Each week he turns up with a supposedly positive mental attitude, but where is the training ? With no training to help him improve his skills he just keeps underperforming week in, week out. Having the right approach and the right attitude is a help, but only of limited benefit if no-one is showing you how to do the job properly and how to read the customers. Have you noticed how Gavin talks, and talks and talks ? Selling is about a balance  : 50% listening and 50% speaking. And remember to structure your sales approach to listen first, talk second. There are 3 audio CDs which cover the structure of the sales call, have a look at this link http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=16

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How to sell when you’re more expensive than your competition

You will frequently be in a situation where your product or service is more expensive than your some of your competitors. This can be a good thing ! First hopefully it means your company is more profitable than your competitor and it also often implies yours is better quality. Also it means you have to use good selling skills to get the deal.

A top free tip for coping with this situation is to just sell the difference, and not the whole price. So if yours is £247 and the competitor is offering something for £219, you should then talk about what they get for the additional £28. “For just an extra £28, you get this ………… ” Then sell the benefits. You see while £247 may sound like a lot, £28 doesn’t. Your customer who is already committed to buying something has already mentally signed away £219, it’s your job to get them to switch to you ! �

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