Low cost training ideas

Low cost training ideas. This is something Associated Learning Systems specialises in – aimed at telephone based teams : customer service, telemarketing, telesales plus managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Investing to increase business value

Just a handful of these will buy you many of our training CDs!

We believe the UK economy is showing signs of growth at the moment, but nevertheless many companies are keeping a strict eye on budgets. Training is all too often one of the areas that gets squeezed.

Nevertheless the need is clearly there to make sure your team is the best it can be at sniffing out business opportunities and at building better relationships with more people over the phone more often.

Buying some low cost – high value audio CDs which gives you the training material in digital format is a great way of investing in training, and buying some ideas of best practice for a limited outlay. You can view all our products covering

  • Communication skills
  • Telesales skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Telephone team management
  • Self-development

by clicking here

The products are just £34.99 + VAT including delivery. Just one idea that works for 1 of your team will repay your investment almost certainly. There are product bundles available too – saving you even more money.

In-house training 

You may have your own training resources in-house, your own trainers and material. Many companies and organisations buy our audio CDs to add to their own material – which they then use to base training sessions around. Sounds fair enough to us.

Whatever your reason, certainly investing in your front line personnel is of major importance as most companies have to compete more actively for a smaller customer pot.

Associated Learning Systems provides a range of audio CDs and tips booklets developed for people and companies involved in communication with customers on the phone in the fields of telesales, telemarketing, customer service and telephone team management.  We help you BE BETTER AT WHAT YOU DO!

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As a phone team manager – act quickly !

Yes act quickly – but not in haste !

In any phone team environment things move quickly, and if you manage that team it is important you respond to events quickly. You won’t need me to tell you that someone who is bright, happy and positive when they come into work in the morning can change instantly. One horrible customer on the phone or an order that you were counting on, that has now been indefinitely postponed can test the motivation of even the best phoner !

So when managing your team keep an eye on them as much as you can. So limit the amount of time you spend in meetings, and keep your office door open if you sit near to your team. 50% of your management decision making should be based on the numbers, the facts, the cold hard undeniable evidence. The other 50% should be based on your intuition, your feelings and pure gut instinct. If something feels wrong, even if you can’t put your finger on it, research it, gather facts and then act. Because in many cases your gut instinct will at least be valid. There is an audio CD specifically aimed at telesales, telemarketing and customer service supervisors, team leaders and managers. The link is http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=2

There is also a training course being run in January 2009 for phone team managers. Find out more details by checking out the To Market website at www.tomarket.co.uk. This Midlands based course has previously seen people attend from Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Solihull, Leicester, Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Milton Keynes. One lady even hopped on a plane from Scotland.

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Setting up KPIs for telemarketing and telesales personnel

Of course management of teams should be about using a mix of intuitive observations as well as raw statistics. The intuitive bit you get from the well established principle of MBWA – management by walking about. The quantitative bit is fairly straightforward and is based around just 4 key criteria. And if you ensure you look at each of these 4 numbers daily for each of your team, and in depth monthly you will find you’ve got a handle on what you need to know. The CD http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=26 explains this in more detail : how to set it up, what to measure and the short cuts and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the team.

The 4 key measures are ;

1.  How many outbound dials they make per hour (over a given period) 

2. How many decision-makers they speak to per hour

3. How many of these decision-makers they convert into the desired outcome (sale, appointment etc.)

4. How many sales/appointments they make per hour

Understanding these numbers will help you with target setting for your team, and it will help you understand each person’s performance profile better (because not every person achieves their results in the same way.) It will also know what to address if somebody is off target and how best to help them

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