Customer Service – all the top tips distilled into one CD

Customer Service training is undoubtedly very important to all organisations – all the more so currently. Globally people have less available to spend on the products and services they need. With the rise of the internet, you can get almost anything from anywhere. Research shows that 80% of buying decisions are based on the service.

Improving customer service will put you ahead of the competition

Improving customer service will put you ahead of the competition

The customer service module takes around 3 hours on a standard 2 day To Market customer service and telephone communications training course. Here we’ve had it distilled down into around 45 minutes of the key extracts and tips. Some of the top customer service tips here have been collected from the customer service personnel (agents) who have attended the courses. And they are the professionals of course – so they should know.

In this customer service audio CD you will hear why exceptional customer service matters to the progress of any organisation, the 4 point customer development mantra – the 4 key fundamental cornerstones why in the long run professional customer service is a MUST HAVE. Andrew Seaward will guide you through some commercial realities to customer service. Then he finishes with the 15 key points which make up effective customer service – and give your customers the service they deserve. And that’s without having to go the extra mile.   Click here   http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=27 to find out more about the CD and with a couple of clicks it is easy to buy through PayPal or by using your credit card.

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Customer Service training with free training CDs to revisit the message

Customer Service training with free training CDs to revisit the message. We’ve teamed up with the customer service training company To Market who are running a 2 day customer service training course next month in South Leicestershire on Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th May 2010.

For any one who books on the course we will supply the set of 3 customer service training CDs for no charge – absolutely free. Follow the link   http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=17   to see the triple pack. Individually these 3 CDs are £34.99 each, and even with the bundle pack this means you save £70.

You can view more about this customer service training programme at the To Market blog   http://www.tomarket.co.uk/blog/   where it tells you a little more about what it covers.

Customer Service training - Leicestershire & Northamptonshire

Customer Service training - Leicester & Northampton

But mention this article and after you’ve attended the course, they will give you the 3 CDs to help revisit the training messages about exceptional customer service as many times as you want. These 3 CDs cover the 10 major issues your customers are looking for when dealing with you. Understand the 10 key factors and you’ll be delivering the type of customer service your customers deserve and you’ll know how to exceed their expectations.

To find out more call To Market on 01858 461148.

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Fish! – a great training video

Fish! is a great training video, and one of the best we’ve seen in recent years.

It is a great training DVD or video and it is expensive. This is the bad news, but it is worth it, especially if your organisation is paying, and or you are able to get a fair bit of use out of it – such as using it in training programmes with many people.

Fish! dvd - top selling training video of all time

Fish! dvd - the top selling training video of all time

You can watch a short clip of it around 2 minutes or so at Video Arts by following this link http://www.videoarts.co.uk/Title.aspx/FISH/FISH/FISH/

It is about the 4 key principles of good customer interaction. The 4 principles covered in the 17 minute video or DVD are

  1. Play
  2. Make their day
  3. Be there
  4. Choose your attitude

It is general good business sense and so is highly suited to customer service, telesales, customer service, contact centre, call centre, internal sales or in fact anyone who deals with customers.

Fish! is a highly recommended training product. We can also help you track it down at the best price (UK only). e-mail us info@associatedlearningsystems.co.uk for more help.

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Developing in-house training material – customer service and telesales

Developing in-house training material for customer service and telesales is important for you and your company if you still have restricted training budgets at the moment. The temptation is to cut costs and look for increasing ways of being self-sufficient.

You recognise that training is important – perhaps MORE important than it’s ever been, but you’ve not got money to throw at it. Perhaps you’re reading this looking for some new ideas and new material.

You will therefore be using a number of different training devices to keep the team ahead of the competition, and motivated. One to one coaching is an important part of this.�
Training has become more important this year - and will remain so into 2010
Training has become more important this year – and will remain so into 2010

Also classroom training is a valuable part of the mix. You will have some training material in-house but it can be difficult constantly finding new and relevant material.

That’s why increasing numbers of people are turning to DVD and audio CDs for additional material.
Our audio CDs cover a range of topics for the development of individuals and teams : customer service, telesales, telemarketing,PR marketing and self-development. They’re all here.
You can see the full list of categories plus the latest best sellers and pack offers at   http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/
Trainers and team managers often use these CDs to either give them more material to listen to, adapt and present themselves. Alternatively you can buy them to use as learning sessions by playing sections of the CDs to the team and asking them to complete exercises about the material – specific to your industry and organisation.
For new ideas and top tips on customer service, telemarketing and telesales Associated Learning Systems is the palce to be. Buying is easy online with credit card or your PayPal account. Prices for each CD start at just £34.99 – so just one good idea will repay your investment many times over.
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Customer Service training CDs – your opportunity to get them for free

Customer Service training CDs – your opportunity to get them for free. On the Associated Learning Systems website here you will find the 3 CDs on customer service. To Market have made us a current offer on these CDs. If you buy this 3 pack of CDs here, and then book a place on their forthcoming 2 day customer service masterclass on 31st March and 1st April, you are entitled to all your money back on the CDs. They will credit this against your training invoice. 

The 3 CD customer service set tells you all the easy to apply secrets for ensuring exceptional customer service and keeping your customer satisfied. They set out the 10 key things you need to know to ensure you are offering quality service over the phone.

The customer service training course is being held in Market Harborough and so is most suitable in you’re in Leicester, Northampton, Loughborough, Coalville, Coventry, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough or wider parts of Leicestershire or Northamptonshire.

So have a look around the site, press a few buttons and these CDs could be with you tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Payment is easy and secure through PayPal, you can make payment with your credit card.

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Focus on focus – customer service tips

One of the top tips that customer service personnel come up with as being highly important is the need to be focused.

it is really important to stay with the customer for all the time you’re dealing with them. So if you deal with your customers face to face, remember to make eye contact with them. Also let you face show expression – there’s nothing worse than someone who deals with you with a fixed stony expression.

If you deal with people over the telephone, stay focused on what they are saying and write things down – this will also help you stay concentrating on the job at hand. Our 3 customer service CDs contain the 10 top things that customer service personnel themselves identify as the top customer service tips. You can find out more at http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=8.

We’d welcome any top tips that you have about customer service too. So add some comments to this post and let us know what you think.

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Customer service – the absolute top tip

During To Market’s customer service training courses, one of the sessions features asking the delegates what THEY like and dislike about customer service when they are a customer. After all they’re the professionals and they ought to know !

Collecting all these ideas over the last few years, they’ve now been distilled down into over 100 tips, which fit into 10 key categories. These have then been used as the basis for the 3 pack audio set on customer service available through us at http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=17

And the key point – the main thing – the most important element of customer service – the very single thing you most need to remember is ………………………… (trumpet fanfare)



If you’re looking into something for them, or you’ve got their product in for repair, or they’re waiting for an answer from you, make sure you set yourself a time limit for when you’ll get back to them. And then make sure you do it. You’ll find they appreciate it – always !

Because although you know you’ve not forgotten them and that you’re still waiting on an answer from Pete or Sarah or whoever, they don’t know that. They may assume you’ve forgotten, or more importantly they simply won’t know what to think.

So keep them informed at least daily if that is appropriate.


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Customer Service is all about focus

Focus begins with being attentive.  While you’re dealing with your customer, nothing else matters.  It doesn’t matter to them and it shouldn’t matter to you.  The early stages of dealing with a customer will frequently involve you listening attentively and remember to keep the inner person quiet, and it may well also involve you asking some questions.  You use your questioning skills to fill in the gaps-to find out more about your customer and their requirements.  While you are engaged in this part of the process it is important that you have patience.  This particularly applies if you are dealing with people that perhaps are elderly or hard of hearing.  Many of my clients who work in the healthcare sector have to be particularly aware of this point.  So taking your time and getting it right and coming up with the right thing for the customer is obviously more likely to produce the best end result.  Also during this learning part of the customer service process, it is important is that you have empathy and awareness.  So think about both your situation and the customers.  Be aware of their position, their requirements and consider all the angles. Sometimes of course you may need a little lateral thinking to get to the right solution.  And while you’re doing this of course don’t display a lack of interest.  Because while you’re dealing with the customer, treat them and their issue as the most important thing in the world to you at that moment.  You will get them on side more quickly.  And while you’re considering the situation from all angles be prepared to accept the customers view.  Think through the situation from their perspective, and work hard to understand what they want and why. Again good questioning skills will help you here. We cover this valuable subject on the CD http://www.associatedlearningsystems.co.uk/product_detail.asp?ProdID=8 There are 3 CDs on the subject of customer service training. Interestingly these subjects have been identified over a period of years as the most important ones by the people I train – themselves customer service professionals !

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